Embed Live Content Inside of Video.


Embedding Live Content ensures your videos withstand the test of time. Share video knowing the  content linked within can be changed, corrected, or updated at any time to keep the experience relevant and alive. GRAVIDI is optimized for online video browsing and content-linking directly to related segments of your video.


Engagement and Consumption

Let GRAVIDI do what it does best – keeping viewers engaged. Built with a focus on simplicity, intuitive controls make it possible for anyone to create GRAVIDI videos right from their desktop browser. Start from scratch or use any content available online to create the perfect engaging video. Include relevant articles, images, products, links and even additional videos throughout your timeline to improve attention spans and pique interest.


Measured Results and Encrypted Content Manager

On average, viewers watch GRAVIDI-supported videos for twice as long as a standard video and engage seven times per experience. Track and measure your viewer behaviors within your video using analytics that monitor data in real time. Video insights on GRAVIDI provide powerful data to better understand your audience and extend the viewing experience.

Data sensitive clients have the option to protect their digital assets and content using patented SPxSHARC provably secure data encryption technology. It is certified to protect payments, cookies, tracking and meets HIPAA, FISMA, HITECH, and FERPA regulatory compliance requirements.  Data Protection Press Release.



 HTML5 Authoring & Quiz Tools in the Cloud

GRAVIDI brings together two powerful features of modern web publishing: HTML5 video authoring and robust content management. These tools make it incredibly easy to publish video enriched with custom assets and links.

Author inline content alongside your video. The content can be anything found online; text, images, products, blog posts, custom embeds, even another video. The additional content is there for the viewer to scroll through as the video plays. Now with contextual data layered within the content, and since the viewer is now engaged in what they're watching–the experience is more rewarding and memorable.

Frosted Tree 750 x 550?

GRAVIDI Plugs-in and Plays Anywhere

What makes GRAVIDI easy to use makes it easy to deploy. Viewers can now experience your videos on any website, mobile applications and within social media platforms.

Our responsive cross platform technology can be deployed as an embeddable player on any website and is optimized for all devices. All your videos on any website watched on any device.  Edit and embed your videos with any modern browser. Use your existing content or link to anything online. Create videos that engage viewers.